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Our Caller

Tom Pustinger was introduced to square dancing in 1985 by his in-laws,  who were dancing at the Happy Bunch Square Dance Club in Pennsylvania.

It was his intention to attend the first two free introductory sessions and bow out.  However, Tom was surprised how much fun he had and enjoyed meeting several new friends in the class.

Spartan Spinner Caller.jpg

After a few years the caller and teacher, Jim Hume, decided he would like to retire and asked Tom to start to learn to call.  Tom practiced as much as he could and held weekly review classes for students in his basement at home.

In 1994 Tom and Nancy had to leave Pennsylvania to move to South Carolina to follow their jobs.  The calling was then put on the back burner while they got settled in their new surroundings and enjoyed meeting and dancing with new friends.  After a while, the late Frank Thomason encouraged Tom to pursue calling once again.

With the help of Frank and other local callers, Tom started to call again and attended several Caller Colleges.  Since that time, he has studied under several National Callers who have given him a wide range of methods and ideas to help him form his own style.

In March 1997, the Spartan Spinners gave Tom his first opportunity to be a club caller.  Shortly thereafter, he began calling for the Peach Blossom Squares and the Pendleton Swingers.

Tom is a member of Callerlab.  He is also a member of the South Carolina Callers' Association where he has served as President and Secretary and on the staff at Spring Fling in Gatlinburg.

Tom enjoys teaching and has graduated several classes in the years since he began calling.  He especially enjoys socializing with all dancers during and after his dances.

You may contact Tom at (864) 576-7696 or

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